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Affordable Ways To Make Your Living Space Cozier

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With day-to-day life getting increasingly chaotic, it has become to have a place for yourself that allows you to escape from the outer world and relax. Your home and your garden is the right place for you to relax after a long day. But many times you will find that the home decor does not fill you with the fuzzy and warm feeling you desire after getting back home. But without having an eye for design, it is difficult to figure out the ways of achieving a cozy feeling at home. If you have an impersonal and barren living space at the moment here are a few tips to warm up the rooms.

How to Organize a Home Office

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Organizing your home office sounds like a great idea, until you realize that it involves a lot of work and commitment. It can still be done with amazing success, all you have to do is to assess the situation, take your time and fully focus on obtaining the best results. It does take some trial and error to ensure that you can organize your office wisely, and here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Decoration Ideas to Freshen Your House This Spring

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Have you been thinking about redecorating your house? Well, you ought to know that spring is often the best time to spruce up your home because the weather is favorable allowing you to work on both the exteriors and interiors with ease.

4 Single-Family Trends offered by Allen Edwin Homes

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2020 was an interesting year to say the least. In the world of homebuilding, we have seen some significant changes in the demand for housing, as well as what people are truly looking for in a home. Allen Edwin Homes always stays on top of what is trending in the housing market so that we can be sure to deliver the best experience, as well as features, for homeowners.

7 Surprising Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

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Whether living in a huge home or a small apartment, I don’t think there is anyone who loves bumping into things or living in a crumpled space. Besides, clutter affects the human brain negatively. People tend to feel crumpled and small living in homes with little space to maneuver. Productivity and wellbeing are hindered, which can be stress triggers for most people.

Why home building is a great option in this extreme sellers’ market

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With few homes on the market across Michigan and lots of prospective buyers emboldened by record-low mortgage rates, the competition for existing homes is tough. The number of listings last year in the Grand Rapids area, for example, fell to the lowest level in over two decades. As a result, listings are immediately attracting multiple offers that push prices higher, even for older homes that are outdated and need repairs. The average sale price in the Grand Rapids-area surged 10% in 2020 and is $100,000 more than just six years ago.

Ideas on how to Redecorate Your House

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It is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when you begin redecorating your house. You can take a few simple steps to help you overcome any possible hurdles and get you started.

Millennial Home Buying Myths Debunked

Millennials seem to be the one generation that is always the topic of discussion, but are some of the most misunderstood individuals today. While many seem to think all they’re worried about is their $10 avocado toasts and pumpkin spiced lattes, this generation is actually focused on a lot more—home buying being one of them.

How To Keep The House Clean With Young Children Around

You cannot afford to leave your home dirty, especially if you have young children. They have a fragile immune system that makes them vulnerable to illnesses that usually would not affect adults. It is challenging to keep your home clean when you have little children who are fond of throwing things around or who will immediately spill their food on a portion of the floor you just mopped. There are few secrets to achieving a clean house when you have kids around.

How To Create The Perfect Home Office

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In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in the number of people who work from home. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has also elevated this number after companies were shut down to prevent people from contracting the virus. With so many people working from home, it is important to create a work environment that enables you to bill the necessary working hours. Having a home office will do the trick. So, what are the benefits of a home office?

Home Features That Millennial Homebuyers Love

Choosing a new home is always a process. For home-buying millennials, the lure begins with the outside of a property. Curb appeal, energy efficiency, and large outdoor living areas are just some of the home features that millennial homebuyers love.

Home Builder Creates Inventory in a Supply Constrained Market

PORTAGE, Mich. Throughout 2020, the housing market has continued to face an inventory strain and rising prices. Overall, home sales and new housing starts (permits) are down year-over-year locally. Housing continues to face a new challenge with affordability concerns keeping buyers on the sidelines and slowing the rate of home sales. All builders are facing new additional constraints with supply in materials and therefore the supply has been unable to meet the demand.

Allen Edwin Homes has five new communities in the Jackson area with the hopes to provide new price points for buyers.

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Allen Edwin Homes grand opened five new communities in the Jackson area. Gatewood, Liberty Village, Rolling Meadows of Manchester, and Brendan Estates all offer new homes starting from the low $200,000’s and are each located in different school districts. The neighborhoods offer homebuyers 13 different floorplans ranging from ranches to two story homes with pricing starting from the $170,000’s.