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Allen Edwin Homes Gives Employees a 3-Day Weekend

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One of our company values is Life and we believe our values become real to our team when we make room to experience them. We have a short summer season in Michigan and it’s important that we take advantage of the opportunities we have in life to spend with friends and family. Therefore, Allen Edwin Homes has decided to give all employees a 3-day weekend. All employees will have this Friday, August 4th off to spend anyway that they please.

Our team is a key aspect of our company’s Sustainability and both People and Sustainability are a key AE Value.  We spend a lot of time focused on the Culture components of our SCA (Sustainable Competitive Advantage): Character Qualities, Core Competencies, Collective Capabilities, and Team Characteristics, but those are built on our Vision, Mission, Values, Principles, and Aspirations. 

This morning on CBS News’s Sunday Morning Show <http://aehom.es/summerfriday>, they illustrate the advantages of “Summer Friday”. This is the practice of giving employees a Friday off or a shortened day on Fridays. This benefit allows employees to utilize an extra day of their summer. In turn, it creates a higher employee satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.

Allen Edwin is encouraging not only their employees, but Allen Edwin Homeowners, Realtors and fans to share what they will or would do with their Friday off. Everyone is invited to share their ideas, plans, photos, or pictures of what they did over the weekend on social media by posting on Allen Edwin Homes’ wall, tagging Allen Edwin in their post or using the hashtag #AEH3dayweekend. Two people who post will be randomly chosen to win a GoPro Action Camera so that they can capture all their precious memories with friends and family. One winner will be an AEH employee and the other will be someone outside of the company chosen at random. This contest will go from Wednesday August 2nd until Tuesday, August 8th. The winner will be announced on Monday, August 14th

Allen Edwin Homes is Michigan’s largest residential home builder. They build homes throughout Grand Rapids, The Lakeshore, Kalamazoo, Southeast Michigan, Lansing, Indiana and South Lakeshore.